Thomas Glazebrook - Level Designer, Programmer, Game Designer

2017 - 2019

Primal Pursuit (Steam) - Unity (C#).

Lead Programmer and Level Designer. Game Designer. TEAM LEADER.

After graduating and being successful on Steam Greenlight, we created Adrenasoft Studios to continue development of Primal Pursuit, releasing to Steam on March 1st, 2019.

I created all of the scenes within the game including 12 diverse race tracks.

I was the sole programmer, responsible for all aspects of the game regarding smooth gameplay design, audio design & implementation, particle systems, UI/UX, multiplayer networking using PUN and lastly Steam integration with lobbies, friends, player stats, achievements and leaderboards.


Primal Pursuit (Prototype) - Unity (c#)

Lead Programmer and Level Designer. Game Designer. TEAM LEADER.

Created and released for QUT’s final year game project.
7.2k Downloads & Installs, 191 Followers, Average Rating 86% on GameJolt. We also garnered plenty of enjoyably Let’s Plays on Youtube with some linked below.


University Projects

Rendering 1

Created entirely own Cg Shader that implements directional, spot and point lights with either Phong or Blinn lighting models. Also features diffuse and normal mapping with tiling and offset factors and light attenuation calculations.


Rendering 2

Uses a maximum of four shadow maps and projects them onto materials with the designated shadow maps parameters set. Can set billboards that rotate around the y-axis and clip either black or white backgrounds. Provides a preview in Unity editing mode of terrain using heightmaps. Lerps textures on a terrain between two bump and normal maps using the given heightmap values. Realtime light source that changes time of day.


AI In Games 1

Four NPCs based on DFA with four states each, one with A* pathfinding. Triggers and Place Markers, invisible to the player. Navigation Structure for the NPC using pathfinding uses a grid and A* pathfinding.


AI In Games 2

Separation, Alignment and Cohesion used, fish form and act in clear schools sharks form more slowly and spread out packs. Fish flee from sharks using predictive vectors. Each shark uses Blumberg’s top-up and decay model and will hunt fish when hungry enough using predictive vectors.


cs_house - CS:GO SDK, Hammer.

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map Released on the Steam Workshop.

20k Total Subscribers, 196/208 Positive Ratings, 116 Total Favourites.

A YouTuber contacted me and asked to use it in his CS:GO movie.


HOUSE - L4D2 SDK, Hammer.

A Left 4 Dead 2 Conversion of cs_house, also released on the Steam Workshop.

1.4k Total Subscribers, 35/36 Positive Ratings, 62 Total Favourites.


Legacy Content - 2012 and Before

These are the very first projects that I worked on during high school and some were not fully completed. they were very critical to my learning and I enjoy looking back on these formative years.

Factory Fatality (2010-11) - A full Left 4 Dead Campaign (L4D Authoring Tools, Hammer).

The first time I learned to use Hammer was for L4D1 and this campaign was the culmination of that period. This game introduced me to vital concepts such as navigation meshes, event scripting, optimisation, lighting, texturing, colour theory and BSP brushes, along with core level and gameplay design values.

Garry’s Mod (2011) - Sandbox Map (Source SDK, Hammer).

My friend asked me to develop this sandbox map while he was creating his custom, survival gamemode for Garry’s Mod. This was the first time I experienced developing a level for somebody else’s needs and not just my own enjoyment.

L4D2_Factory (2011) - A Left 4 Dead 2 campaign mission (L4D2 Authoring tools, hammer).

HL2_Prison (2011-12) - A Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Single Player Mission (Source SDK, Hammer).